The story about EASE

- it started with a simple need

The perfect bottle

When I was diagnosed with a metabolic disease, I decided that I would try to heal myself, by detoxifying my body and changing my diet and lifestyle. My “football” son also wanted to take my healthy smoothies to school and to training and therefore the need arose for a nice drinking bottle to keep our juices and smoothies cold and fresh on long, busy days on the go. It turned out….

  • Thermos keep the temperature low, but give your acidic drinks a metallic taste.
  • Screw-on bottles look good, but are often difficult to drink smoothies without straws and impossible to clean after a smoothie.
  • Plastic bottles may contain traces of chemicals


…and then the whole idea of ​​detoxing and making healthy homemade juices falls a little to the ground, right?

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The journey is not over

So to make a long story short, we realized that we simply had to design our very own beverage bottle.


It is an exciting journey we are on, and when you go up in beautiful design and the right materials and are not known in the industry, there have been many difficult decisions to make – We hope you think that so far we have chosen right. We look forward to asking you for advice on the last part of the journey and that you will give your best to develop the coolest and healthiest bottle on the market.


But .. it does not stop at a single drink bottle, we have several exciting products in mind, which should make it easy for you to live healthy, and we promise that we will always be on the hunt for the best materials to make your EASE products in.