We bring EASE to your healthy lifestyle

- while protecting the enviroment

Easily take your cold smoothies on the go

See our selection of EASE bottles and choose the one that will suit your everyday life best! We offer exciting colors as well as +One for those of you who want more space for your drink.

The benefits of EASE

Sustainable design

Danish quality design with the environment in focus, without losing the most important features.

Double-walled glass bottle

Keeps your drinks cold for hours - so you can always enjoy them.

Carrying handle with 2 functions

Carrying handle ensures easy transport, but at the same time ensures 100% leak-proof.

Integrated straw

You no longer have to think about storing straws for your drink.

The bottle

Being able to offer a product that is made from the best materials for your health and being able to help stop the use of “single use” plastic has been a big dream. We are committed to continuing to search for the best materials, for your health and for our earth.


It therefore had to be sustainable, so the materials were geeked out. The fabric around the bottle is made of recycled plastic and is from Danish KVADRAT and all parts (apart from the carrying handle) of the EASE bottle are made of a single material, so it can be reused.

What our customers say

About EASE

When I was diagnosed with a metabolic disease, I decided that I would try to heal myself by detoxing my body and changing my diet and lifestyle. My “soccer” son also wanted to take my healthy smoothies to school and to training, and therefore the need arose for a nice drinking bottle to keep our juices and smoothies cold and fresh on long, busy days on the go.