+ One bottle – for that extra smoothie


+One is your extra bottle or “Powerbank” when you have made an extra smoothie or juice. Take it with you on the go or leave it in the fridge, so you always have a fresh and delicious smoothie ready.

+One is a glass bottle with a thermo effect, which keeps the contents cold for several hours outside the fridge.


The +One bottle has a super smart function under the simple lid, where you have created negative pressure in the bottle with a snap. Therefore, the +One bottle keeps the contents fresh and delicious for longer, because the contents are not oxygenated. Also use it for storage and for soaking almonds and other nuts for plant drink or for the remains of the soup – only the imagination sets limits to the storage possibilities.


The +One bottle comes in the same colors as the EASE smoothie bottle – Green, white, peach, black and yellow.

Indhold: 450 ml
Højde: 22,3 cm
Bredde: 7 cm
Vægt: 440 g


Remember your accessories or spare parts

With the EASE bottle, you can easily replace the lid, fabric, etc. and create your very unique bottle. You can also buy extra straws.